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Selections of the week

Kim Kardashian’s The System: The Case of Kevin Keith
Spotify, weekly episodes

“I think you’ll be surprised by what you hear,” says Kim Kardashian. But she doesn’t talk about her impressive podcasting chops and obvious passion for justice. The focus is on Kevin Keith, who stood trial for a brutal triple murder in 1994 in Ohio and was found guilty by an all-white jury. There’s a lot that doesn’t add up, and our host is determined to bring the case to a global audience. Hannah Verdier

Clear the air with Sadiq Khan
Global Player, weekly episodes

When the Mayor of London developed asthma while training for the marathon, he launched his campaign for cleaner air. His new podcast might preach to converts, but it doesn’t water down the arguments. The first is Ed Miliband, who talks about how governments should work together to tackle the climate crisis. Lily Cole and Richard Curtis also feature. excluding tax

Sadiq Khan hosts a new climate-focused show featuring guests from Ed Miliband to Lily Cole. Photograph: Maja Smiejkowska/Reuters

British Scandal: Cleaning Queen
Widely available, weekly episodes

Mary Whitehouse’s quest to wield her moral broom on national TV lends itself perfectly to the outrageous style of Alice Levine and Matt Forde. Levine takes the lead, exploring Whitehouse’s early experiences that sparked her shame around sex and inspired her life’s work. The woman in the famous cardigan was no mere caricature… excluding tax

Joyride by Jools and Jim
Widely available, weekly episodes

Although this podcast is considered a series about transportation and travel, Holland and Moir (AKA Vic Reeves) end up having a good old-fashioned ride with guests — which isn’t a bad thing. Marc Almond kicks off this second series by discussing fish and chips and the secrets of owning a jackdaw. Future guests include Melanie C and Shaun Keaveny. Hollie Richardson

Black British Lives Matter
Widely available, weekly episodes

What does it mean to be black in Britain today? It’s a complicated question that Lenny Henry and Marcus Ryder, who have also published an anthology on the subject, are ready to answer. There is something to be proud of, but also an undeniable racism. BLM “wasn’t just a moment,” says Henry, who is joined by guests such as Ozwald Boateng and Afua Hirsch. excluding tax

There’s a podcast for that

How the Simpson family's middle-class existence became an unaffordable dream is the subject of a must-see episode of NPR's Planet Money.
How the Simpson family’s middle-class existence became an unaffordable dream is the subject of a must-see episode of NPR’s Planet Money. Photo: Fox Broadcasting Co/AP

This week, Charlie Lindlar chooses five of the best money podcastsfrom a show focused on women’s finance to an exploration of the connection between money and mental health

In his financial shoes
Money expert Catherine Morgan is the originator of this women’s personal finance podcast. Where the field of consumer advice can sometimes seem a bit blokey, Morgan is on a mission to help women gain confidence and become “financially resilient”. Along with the general theme of learning the ropes of financial trading, there is also a steady stream of accessible and usable advice. Hear guides on how to teach your kids about money, dealing with financial differences in friendship groups, and the interesting idea of ​​“financial trauma” – only bad experiences with money in the past can torment us throughout our lives.

money to the masses
For a practical, advice-driven podcast, financial genius Damien Fahy is your man. Fahy – who left the City after becoming, in his own words, “disillusioned with how the public was left to their own devices” due to the cost of financial advice – set up the website Money to the Masses to help to demystify equities and investment. The site’s companion podcast now has nearly 400 episodes, with plenty of explainers on common scams, financial concepts, and the jargon that keeps so many people from getting the most out of their money.

The last 3 digits
This millennial and Gen Z-focused show — which focused on black creators and entrepreneurs — ended in January after a two-year run. However, there are plenty of thought-provoking listens in its back catalogue. Rapper Nego True and financial experts Bola Sol and Disunomics are your hosts as they explore how money shapes our relationships and the way we live. The ethics of side hustles, the merits of 9-5v self-employment, how the pandemic has changed our spending habits, the ideals of “black capitalism” – this conversational show will have you reassessing how your money dictates your life.

Silver Planet
If you’re looking for a guide to broader economic principles, NPR’s Planet Money is the authority. There’s plenty of analysis in the US news, but in the past few months alone, the show has delved into everything from the economics of the office lunch to buying property with cryptocurrency. Special mention goes to his studies of individual characters that tell us something real about the economy: episodes of how the Simpson family’s middle-class existence became an unrealizable dream for so many. and the story of Vincent Kosuga, a farmer whose “quest to dominate the onion market” changed the trade forever, are great places to start.

Financial well-being
Money can’t buy happiness, but how do we learn to be happy with what we have? Financial planner Chris Budd and actor David Lloyd try their hand at it in the podcast Financial Wellbeing, in which they empathically confront “happiness, money and how to use one to make the other.” Alongside advice for good financial habits – delivered in a charming and brutal segment named after their producer: #TightAssTommo – the duo ponder the limits of philanthropy, the pointlessness of measuring your self-esteem on the literal value of yourself, and trends such as the “big quit”. The two are aided in their quest by an often surprising but always excellent guest list.

Why not try …

  • “Unfiltered chat” about black British millennial life in Nailing It.

  • Interviews, music and assorted audio curiosities with Hanif Abdurraqib – and guests including Björk – in Object of Sound.

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