Anitian helps organizations achieve FedRAMP compliance with a pre-built platform


Although the federal market is huge and offers unique opportunities, cloud software vendors haven’t had the catalyst to allow them to test the waters.

After winning nine Global InfoSec Awards at RSA Conference 2022, Anitian Inc. fills that void with a pre-built platform running on top of cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services Inc. that accelerates and automates compliance FedRAMP. This makes the government market accessible, as this market continues to thrive even during the economic downturn, according to Rakesh Narasimhan (pictured), President and CEO of Anitian.

“You have a whole class of SaaS vendors that are delivering huge innovation that they’re bringing to market, but the government market, in general, hasn’t been able to participate in that because it’s very complex, time-consuming, and very expensive. dear.” Narasimhan said. “So we focused on this opportunity to really make it easier for all these cloud service providers to bring their innovations to the government market, for example, with FedRAMP.”

Narasimhan spoke to industry analyst theCUBE Lisa Martin ahead of the “Cybersecurity — Detect and Protect Against Threats” Eventan exclusive show on theCUBE, SiliconANGLE Media’s live broadcast studio, airing September 7. They discussed how Anitian helps federal market penetration by facilitating compliance. (*Disclosure below.)

Anitian, a fast track to cloud security

Since one of Anitian’s main goals is to enable and strengthen the digital transformation of enterprises, it accelerates migration to the cloud safely, according to Narasimhan. As a result, the opportunities for software innovation are enormous.

“I think the big change we’ve made to Anitian is really what’s usually a very manual, complex, time-consuming and quite expensive process, we’ve just brought software innovations to it,” he noted. “These are customers trying to achieve compliance or security in the cloud, which simply provides a platform that essentially accelerates the migration of a customer’s applications to the cloud.

Compliance can be a headache when entering a new market. Therefore, it calls for innovation, and it is a major Anitian differentiator, according to Narasimhan.

“The most important thing we bring to the table is really an acceleration, timeline and completion of their candidacy,” he said. “So if you’re a customer…you’re basically trying to get a new application up and running in a secure environment; in either case, we have a platform offering that gets you up and running quickly and into production.

Since Anitian successfully enabled cloud software vendors and enterprises to enter the federal market by accelerating time to revenue and time to market, commercial players are feeling the trickle-down effect, Narasimhan pointed out. After all, security is fundamental.

“We wanted to first make sure that we were successful in doing something … that something was really aimed at the federal market, and the success that we had in that market had some ideas,” he said. “What we’ve seen is that commercial customers are also trying to go to the cloud. They’re also dealing with the security issues in securing their environments. And it’s really the DevOps and DevSecOps people who are supporting that. burden.

Software-oriented approach

By deploying a platform approach, Anitian allows companies to subscribe to innovations in record time. This software-centric approach comes in handy when it comes to revenue goals, according to Narasimhan.

“We thought about bringing a software-centric approach, just like people buy email, they buy services, and then all the innovation that goes with it for the subscription you pay for,” he said. “It’s huge productivity, time to market, but more importantly it allows them to meet their revenue goals as they try to get to market and serve the customer.”

Through Anitian’s partnership with AWS, a secure environment is provided for application development. Anitian provides a pre-built environment that meets all security standards, according to Narasimhan.

“If you’re a customer on the B2B side and you’re going to the cloud to bring your applications to market on AWS, we’re a great solution for you to already have that technical platform in place,” he said. he declares. . “It basically gives you a secure environment where you can start developing your apps and start deploying them, much like your DevOps cycle would work.”

The complexity and cumbersome nature of the federal market sometimes delays the adoption of software innovations. Still, the pre-designed framework provided by Anitian usually eliminates the headaches, according to Narasimhan.

“We basically pre-engineer a platform by supporting all the compliance and security requirements of the standard, and then we basically help the customer bring that innovation on top of the AWS environment and put it available to customers in record time,” he said. “That’s why we’re able to enjoy success. Historically, the space has been very advice-driven.

Here’s the full video interview, which is part of SiliconANGLE and theCUBE’s pre-event coverage of the “Cybersecurity — Detect and Protect Against Threats” Event:

(*Disclosure: Anitian Inc. sponsored this segment of theCUBE. Neither Anitian nor other sponsors have editorial control over the content of theCUBE or SiliconANGLE.)

Photo: SiliconANGLE

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