AM Radio Station KBOI 670 Wins Fall 2021 Ratings


If you live in good old Boise, nothing is certain but death, taxes — and the #1 radio station every fall on the antique AM dial.

OK No all falls.

But more often than not in recent years, news station 670 KBOI-AM has topped fall ratings. Conservative political programming targeting an older demographic helps. The same goes for Boise State football game broadcasts. Not that KBOI isn’t a year-round force. He took third place in the Spring 2021 rankings.

Enjoy that transistor radio glory while you can, Grandpa. Not to give you statics, but AM’s race in Boise is probably over.

KBOI won the new fall 2021 Audio Nielsen odds. Yeah, again. The station earned a 6.0 share among listeners 12 and older. It’s better in the Boise market.

However, KBOI joined the 21st century a few weeks ago. It also began simulcasting at 93.1 FM. KBOI is no longer a pure AM station – and certainly not when Nielsen’s next book comes out in six months.

Still, afternoon host Nate Shelman’s voice sounds so crisp and clear in stereo FM, doesn’t it? The development also allows the resort to expand its offer. Going forward, KBOI listeners will be able to hear BSU football on 670 AM and 93.1 FM. Meanwhile, men’s and women’s basketball remain at 670 AM.

Will KBOI kill its competitors when fall returns this year? Very probably. But the nostalgic crackle of AM radio will not be its main medium.

Other Boise stations have experienced – and enjoyed – significant swings in the latest Nielsen ratings. The limited sample size of Nielsen newspapers makes them notoriously inconsistent. Most station managers try to average two evaluation periods to account for outliers.

Want the definition of a stable artist? Rotating country music, 101.9 FM The Bull had won three of Nielsen’s last four ratings periods. He slipped this time – but still hung in the top three.

Below is Treasure Valley’s ratings breakdown for Fall 2021. These are quarter-hour split ratings for stations among listeners 12 and older between 6 a.m. and midnight. Nielsen Audio cuts ratings into near-infinite demographics. With its wide range of listeners, the 12+ category is essentially the bragging rights division.

KBOI-AM 670 (news/talk): 6.0

KBSX-FM 91.5 (Boise State; news/talk): 4.8

KQBL-FM 101.9 (Taurus, country): 4.8

KQXR-FM 100.3 (Le X, active rock): 4.8

KTSY-FM 89.5 (Contemporary Christian): 4.6

KSRV-FM 96.1 (Bob, various hits): 4.2

KIDO AM 580 (news/talk): 3.8

KXLT-FM 107.9 (Lite FM, adult contemporary): 3.8

KKGL-FM 96.9 (The Eagle, classic rock): 3.7

KBSU-FM 90.3 (Boise State, Classic): 3.5

KTHI-FM 107.1 (K-Hits, Classic): 3.5

KZMG-FM 102.7 (Mon 102.7, hot AC): 3.3

KAWO-FM 104.3 (Wow country): 3.1

KCIX-FM 105.9 (106 mix, hot AC): 3.1

KKOO-AM 1260 (Kool Oldies): 2.5

KQFC-FM 97.9 (Magic 97.9, contemporary adult): 2.5

KIZN-FM 92.3 (Kissin’ 92.3, country): 2.3

KTIK-FM 95.3 (The Ticket, sports): 2.1

KSAS-FM 103.5 (Kiss FM, Contemporary Hits): 1.9

KWYD-FM 101.1 (Wild 101.1, rhythm contemporary hits): 1.9

KRBX-FM 89.9/93.5 (Radio Boise, community radio): 1.7

KRVB-FM 94.9 (The River, adult album alternative): 1.7

KJOT-FM 105.1 (Jack, various achievements): 1.5

KQBL-FM HD2 99.1 (I-Rock): 1.3

KQBL-FM HD3 96.5 (alternate rock): 1.2

KFXD-AM 630 (105.5 Power, Urban Contemporary): 0.4

KOAY-FM 88.7 (Contemporary Christian): 0.4

KBSU-FM HD2 90.3: (jazz): 0

KSRV-FM HD2 99.9 (Fox Sports Boise): 0

Explain the numbers: “Share” is the percentage of listeners listening to a station at any given time. KBOI-AM’s 6.0 means that 6% of people aged 12 and over in the market listening to the radio at that time were listening to that station. These are quarter-hour sharing numbers, or AQH, – the average number of people listening to a particular station for at least 5 minutes during a 15-minute period. “Rating”, the percentage of potential listeners in the market who actually tune in, is a different thing. Learn more here.

This story was originally published January 20, 2022 5:44 p.m.

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