Alt 105.3 radio station changes formats to ‘adult hits’


Dave FM.

Longtime Bay Area alternative rock radio station KITS 105.3 has been rebranded to ‘adult hits’ format DAVE FM by Audacy, who operates the station.

The station, called “Live 105” for many years before Entercom Radio merged with CBS Radio in 2017, has experienced a steady decline in recent years, losing many listeners along the way.

“DAVE FM is an opportunity for us to provide our audiences with a station that encompasses a wide range of musical genres, full of recognizable decades of success,” spokeswoman Stacey Kauffman said in a press release. “We hope this station will be able to offer listeners’ favorites every day, whatever their tastes.”

But for many who grew up on Live 105, the move marks the death of alternative rock and pop radio in the Bay Area. In its first hour on air, Dave FM performed songs from Hall & Oates, Kiss, Guns N ‘Roses, The Killers, Devo and The Pointer Sisters of Oakland.

DAVE FM is positioned as a “totally random radio”, but focuses on hits from the 80s to today. The station had been broadcasting alternative music for about 35 years; in 1986, it had gone from a Top-40 format. In April 2020, the owners of the station fired famous music director and DJ Aaron Axelsen as part of massive cost-cutting measures.

Earlier this year, Axelsen partnered with FLOOD to launch FLOOD FM, a digital radio station that rebuilt its vision from the old Live 105, but on a global scale.

DAVE FM has also performed songs from Billy Idol, MC Hammer, REM and Duran Duran.


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