AEC urges social media platforms to remove Pauline Hanson’s misleading ‘voter fraud’ cartoon


The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) has denounced a One Nation cartoon which falsely suggests Labor would use voter fraud to win the federal election.

the Please Explain by Pauline Hanson The sketch, released on Friday, features cartoon characters impersonating Labor politicians Anthony Albanese and Penny Wong. It shows Wong’s character promoting the use of fake mail-in ballots in Albanese, who is sick in bed with COVID-19.

The clip shows Wong bringing Albanese a bowl of “bat soup” and a stack of mail-in ballots, discussing how to encourage voter fraud.

“These are mail-in votes under the names of deceased people, fake identities, some stolen from mailboxes,” Wong’s character explains in the video.

“Oh really? But isn’t that illegal?” replies the Albanian character. Wong then tells Albanese that the AEC doesn’t check voter IDs “because that would be racist.”

“The AEC won’t know until it’s too late, and by the time they find out, we’ll already be in government – we’re slacking off, passing laws, spending money,” says the Wong’s character.

“This comment on the electoral system is very disappointing,” the AEC commented on Twitter.

“Registered parties are aware of the election integrity measures in place, including information received/objection action taken for deceased Australians, and steps to verify outgoing and incoming absentee ballots.”

The clip has been removed from Facebook and Tiktok, but is still available on Twitter (where it was called misleading) and YouTube. The AEC has contacted social media platforms to request its removal due to its misinformation.

Pauline Hason wrote on Facebook that she would refuse to remove the cartoon on any social media platform.


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