The structure of the best merchant cash advance for a new business

Before the political and economic scenarios both of our country and with the arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States, in order to maintain and improve a quality of life.

Not only is a stable job like the one you have in one of the government institutions enough, today it is essential to demonstrate an entrepreneurial creative spirit and know the structure of the best credit for a new business.

If you decide to take the path of a new business it is best that you know everything you need to obtain the necessary merchant cash advance and how to apply it intelligently so that the business takes off successfully as soon as possible.

To obtain the credit you require:

  1. Develop your business plan This is not necessarily requested by credit institutions, but a business plan can give you the visibility as a new entrepreneur about the future of your investment. This means that it is important that you write clearly the business idea, the intention of solution for your clients, the way in which you will obtain income and the expenses that you will need to exercise to give a good product or service. This analysis will be very useful to prevent eventualities and evaluate if you are really willing to risk an investment in that idea.
  2. Detail the financial status of your project. In addition to clarifying the idea, it is important that you have an analysis of finances. This analysis will reveal two key concepts: the INVESTMENT you need to start and the CAPITAL you need to operate continuously while you have income. Creating an analysis of CASH FLOW will be the most revealing so you can project how to pay the credit you get to start.
  3. Learn about the credit options offered by Credifiel so you can check that the payment deadlines are so wide that they will support the time your project requires to operate and generate income, as well as being a very fast and reliable credit.   Remember that the larger the time you have to pay more time, the better your project will be to succeed.

To apply it intelligently:

  1. Clearly identify the purpose of the loan. You have to know how you are going to divide the money that you receive as a loan, in such a way that you have control at all times so that the funds are destined to the concepts that will give you a win.
  2. It determines the guarantee of the success of the project.   One of the best advice you can get from a planning specialist is to think about everything that can go wrong and create alternative plans to solve or prevent.   A successful business will always be ready to continue working in order to generate high quality and guarantee to its customers.

Also, for your new business to succeed I recommend you follow these “entrepreneurial commandments”

  1. Cultivate your financial skills
  2. Clearly identify your potential client
  3. Develop your idea and make it known with passion
  4. Maintain your credibility with clients
  5. Keep your credibility as a good credit payment
  6. Keep business finances clear and healthy
  7. Determine the appropriate legal structure if necessary
  8. Register the name of your brand
  9. Make the most of the resources for entrepreneurs without cost
  10. And most importantly, do not give up

At Credifiel we are sure that we are facing a great entrepreneur and we will be happy to put at your disposal the necessary credit so that your future will be brilliant as an entrepreneur-employee.

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